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Irrigation Association of New York

About the Irrigation Association of NY

The Irrigation Association of New York, a not-for-profit organization, seeks to improve the products and practices used to manage water resources and to help shape the business environment of the irrigation industry in New York. IANY’s interest in water resources includes the application of conservation methods, drainage improvement and recovery of water for economic and environmental enhancement in agriculture, turf grass, landscape and forestry.

IANY seeks to play a significant role in providing leadership in four key areas.

  • IANY interacts with private and governmental organizations and other associations to develop legislation and regulations to ensure the availability, quality and accessibility of water supplies for – or affected by – irrigation and the effectiveness of trade policies. The association has introduced the “Landscape Irrigation Contractor Certification Act” in the New York state legislature as a consumer-protection measure that will foster adherence to the highest standards by professional irrigation contractors.
  • IANY conducts educational programs to encourage certification – to national standards – of irrigation contractors, and to ensure accessibility of research information pertinent to industry practices and products.
  • IANY serves as a catalyst and umbrella organization for outreach, communication and coordination among the diverse parties and interests involved in irrigation.
  • IANY contributes to establishment of recognized standards and guidelines to deal with irrigation-related products, engineering applications and practices in New York.