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Water Saving Tips for Your Irrigation System

Studies Show That Many Irrigation Systems Can Waste 50% of the water used on the landscape. Here are some water saving tips for reducing that waste:

  • Install a functional rain sensor
    • The rain sensor must be installed in a location to receive the maximum amount of rainfall.
    • It cannot be installed 5 feet off the ground, under an overhang
  • Install soil moisture sensors
    • They measure the water right where it counts
    • New wireless technology makes installation easy
  • Smart controllers
    • Controllers will re-set the watering schedule based on prevailing weather conditions
  • Install drip irrigation
    • It’s the most efficient method of watering by applying water to the root
    • It also eliminates watering onto walls and paved areas where it’s totally wasted
  • Rain water catchment systems
    • Harvest the rain water that normally runs off into the storm sewers
    • Smaller systems are adequate for vegetable and flower gardens
  • Install separate mist head or drip irrigation zones for established shrubs
    • Established shrubs do not need to watered as much as turf grass
    • Water them once a week, only during the hot summer months
  • Have an irrigation audit performed on your irrigation system
    • An irrigation auditor can evaluate the efficiency of your system and make improvements that reduce waste
    • They will also come up with a better watering schedule for your soil conditions, so you’ll water less with better results
  • Hire a certified irrigation contractor
    • Certified contractors are trained to install and maintain efficient irrigation systems