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Irrigation Association of New York

What is the greatest thing an individual can do in life? By Robert “RB” Boyle

Help others! There is nothing more rewarding than giving of yourself to help someone else. The dividends that come from helping others are too numerous and intangible to list.

The definition of help is to provide the means for what is needed or sought; to assist or give support; and to be of use or service to others. When you help someone, you grow as an individual, and when you grow as an individual everything connected to you grows as well.

A great example is in your own business; you help clients to get sprinkler systems that help them care for their lawn, plants and property. You help employees (through training) to become better technicians; in return they help your company and themselves. The Irrigation Association of New York needs your help to make our industry better for us all. A strong and healthy industry will help us to have strong and healthy companies. Showing your commitment by joining or renewing your membership will help our industry.

As an IANY member, you are an integral part of professional efforts to promote efficient irrigation through products, technologies and service. The association is made up of hard-working individuals who comprise all aspects of our industry, working to ensure that water is available for irrigation in the future.

Here are some of the ways IANY membership helps you:

  • by working to help you stay ahead of your competitors
  • by working to serve your needs as an irrigation contractor
  • by working to gather business knowledge and industry insights from peer interactions
  • by advocating for legislation and standards that benefit the irrigation industry
  • by helping shape the industry’s public image

The IANY’s mission statement is “Promoting conservation through efficient irrigation practices.”

 Help us to help you and we all will benefit. We hope you will proudly embrace our commitment to help our industry. All of this affects the way we make a living in this industry. Education and collaboration among us are the keys for keeping our industry protected and strong, and ensuring it helps our businesses and families in the future. Join IANY and learn how you can help make this a better industry for us all!